US Senator breaks with President Biden, warns of potential Trump victory

US Senator breaks with President Biden, warns of potential Trump victory

Shafaq News/ US Democrat Senator Michael Bennet officially announced his break with President Joe Biden late Tuesday.

According to Axios, Bennet is the first senator from his party to publicly distance himself from Biden as allies attempt to assure party members that Biden should remain their presidential candidate.

Bennet's declaration has stirred political waters, stating that Biden is likely to lose his re-election bid in November. He further warned that a Trump victory could secure both the Senate and House for Republicans.

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, Bennet remarked, "I think Donald Trump is on track to win this election and potentially win it by a landslide." This statement poses a significant challenge to Biden's efforts, at 81 years old, to maintain his political standing on Capitol Hill.

Bennet is one of three Democratic senators who privately expressed doubts about Biden's ability to defeat former President Trump. The Democratic senators convened for the first time since Biden's contentious debate but left without a clear direction.

Many senators argued that the party needs a discussion on whether Biden should remain at the top of the ticket, especially after hearing voter concerns. Despite the meeting, their positions remained unchanged, advocating for ongoing discussions about the future.

Democrats voiced concerns that Biden's nomination could hinder lower-level races, a sentiment Bennet shares. Kevin Munoz, a spokesperson for Biden's campaign, responded late Tuesday, emphasizing Biden's commitment to defeating Trump and defending democracy.

"No one has been more dedicated to defeating Trump and defending our democracy than Biden," Munoz stated. "Few understand better than Joe Biden the importance of showing up and campaigning to earn voter support. Voters remain deeply concerned about Donald Trump and his harmful agenda. The more we engage and connect with voters, the more they support President Biden."

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