Nineveh governor warns political strife could hinder reconstruction

Nineveh governor warns political strife could hinder reconstruction

Shafaq News/ Nineveh Governor Abdul-Qadir Al-Dakhil warned on Tuesday that ongoing political conflicts could "hamper" the delivery of essential services and reconstruction efforts in the governorate.

In an interview with Shafaq News, Al-Dakhil urged political factions to "spare Nineveh from the political conflicts, as they will negatively impact daily life and hinder our service delivery."

"Such issues will only complicate matters."

Al-Dakhil stressed that "Nineveh is currently striving to enter a phase of reconstruction and development, and everyone must steer clear of political conflicts and resolve disputes through legal and constitutional means."

Last week, the Unified Nineveh Alliance and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) announced the continued suspension of their membership from the Nineveh Provincial Council over the appointment of administrative unit heads.

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc and member of the Nineveh Council, Ahmed Sheikh Kanaan Al-Kiki, said in a press conference, "We declare our solidarity with the Unified Nineveh Bloc, and we will continue to suspend our membership until our demands to dismiss the presidency of the Nineveh Provincial Council are met."

Ahmed Al-Abd Rabbo, a council member from the United Mosul Alliance, told Shafaq News that the United Mosul Alliance has decided to suspend its membership due to what it describes as "unlawful practices by the other party."

The Nineveh Governorate Council consists of 29 seats, divided between two main alliances: the Unified Nineveh Alliance (9 seats), including four seats for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the Nineveh Future Alliance, including the Coordination Framework Forces and other parties (16 seats).

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