Gold prices stabilized in the Iraqi capital today


Shafaq News/ Domestic and imported gold remained the same in Baghdad but edged higher in Erbil, Shafaq News Agency correspondent said on Tuesday.

Our correspondent said that the selling and buying prices of a Mithqal of 21 carats of Gulf, Turkish, and European gold stood at 386 thousand and 382 thousand dinars, respectively.

Our correspondent said the 21-carat Iraqi gold’s selling and buying prices were 356 and 352 thousand dinars.

Local shops in the Iraqi capital sell the 21-carat Gulf gold at a price ranging between 390 and 400 thousand dinars, while 21-carat Iraqi gold prices range between 360 and 370 thousand dinars.

In Erbil, Local shops sell 24-carat gold at 475 thousand dinars, 21-carat gold at 420 thousand dinars, and 18-carat gold at 360 thousand dinars.

One mithqal= 5 grams

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