Putin warns against crossing Russia's red lines

 Putin warns against crossing Russia's red lines

Shafaq News/ Russia’s President Vladimir Putin warned on Wednesday the West not to cross the "red lines", stressing that Moscow would harsh response to any provocations.

For some countries, harassing Russia has become a "new kind of sport," Putin said his annual State of the Nation address 

The address covered a wide range of topics, from the economy and defense to the environment and taxation. The coronavirus pandemic was on the agenda, too, with the virus hitting the country hard over the past year.

Putin said Moscow's response to any attack or sanction has been "reserved" and "without any irony, modest."

At a time of acute crisis in ties with the United States and Europe, Putin said, "We really don't want to burn any bridges, but if someone takes our good intentions for indifference or weakness, and if they intend to burn or destroy those bridges themselves, they should know that Russia's response would be asymmetrical, quick and tough,".

Russia has enough "patience, responsibility, and common sense" Putin said, but warned against crossing "the red line."

"And where this line is, we will decide in any concrete case on our own," he added.

"The organizers of any provocations that threaten basic interests of our security will regret it like they haven't regretted anything in a long time."

Putin's speech comes as the ties between Russia and the West are hitting a new low over the conflict in Ukraine, and the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny case. In the latest diplomatic blow, the Czech Republic accused Russian secret services of being behind a 2014 blast in the Vrbetice ammunition depot.

The Russian president did not name in his speech Russia's adversaries abroad, but seemed to hint at the US and its allies.

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