Iranian dismisses reports on sending drones to Russia as unfounded


Shafaq News/ A spokesperson to Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected reports about sending drones to Russia, calling them unfounded, Mehr news agency reports.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the reports about the delivery of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Russia for use in the war in Ukraine as unfounded and does not confirm it," Nasser Kan'ani, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, said in a statement on Monday.

"Since the start of the conflict, we have always declared our principled and clear policy which is based on active neutrality and our opposition to war and the need for a political solution to the conflict between the two sides, and the need to avoid resorting to violence," the Iranian spokesman added.

In response to a question regarding the referendum in Luhansk, he said that "The Islamic Republic of Iran, as always, and based on its principled stances, emphasizes the necessity of full respect to the principle of other countries' territorial integrity as a fundamental rule in international law and respecting the principles and goals of the United Nations Charter."

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