Kurdistan authorities condemn the PKK attack on the Peshmerga forces in Mount Matin


Shafaq News/ The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, strongly condemned the Kurdistan Workers' Party's attack on Peshmerga forces in mount Matin, north of Duhok governorate.

In a tweet, Barzani called on the Kurdistan Parliament and the Kurdistan political authorities to stand united against this aggression.

For its part, the Peshmerga Affairs Committee in Kurdistan Parliament said in a statement, "The Workers' Party has become a threat to the Kurdistan Region under the pretext of the war with Turkey, while young men from the region were martyred many times. This conflict has become a reason for evacuating and destroying hundreds of villages in the border areas."

The committee called on the party to relocate their conflict in the Turkish territories, not endanger the region's gains and sovereignty, and respect its borders, security, and stability.

In its statement, the committee also called for solving the between the two parties by peaceful means.

The Ministry of Peshmerga in the Kurdistan Region confirmed earlier today that the Kurdistan Workers' Party targeted the Peshmerga forces in Mount Matin in Duhok Governorate, causing five deaths and four injuries among the Peshmerga forces, and the death of three PKK fighters

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