Iran plans cargo hub in Iraqi Kurdistan to boost regional trade

Iran plans cargo hub in Iraqi Kurdistan to boost regional trade

Shafaq News/ An Iranian official revealed plans on Wednesday to establish a cargo station in Iraq's Kurdistan Region as part of a broader strategy to create a regional distribution center for Iranian goods targeting multiple countries, including Turkiye, Jordan, and Syria.

Mohammad Sadegh Motamedian, the governor of West Azerbaijan Province in northwest Iran, stated that the volume of exports through the Tamarchin border crossing in Piranshahr on the border with northern Iraq has reached $1 billion annually following the development of necessary infrastructure under the current administration.

Motamedian highlighted a 250% growth in the transit of goods and the movement of pilgrims for the Arbaeen ceremony through the Tamarchin border. "We have seen significant growth in exports from this border compared to other national borders last year," he said.

The governor also outlined plans for the cargo station in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, indicating that a regional distribution center will be established to facilitate access to Turkiye, Jordan, and Syria.

"Access to the Mediterranean Sea is important for Iran, and preparations are underway through a strategic 20-year vision plan to reach Syria and the Mediterranean Sea via the Kurdistan Region of Iraq," Motamedian added.

Governors from three provinces in western Iran visited the Kurdistan Region to attend a conference discussing enhancing trade and resolving border issues with their counterparts from the Kurdistan Region.

Top officials from Iran's Kurdistan, Kermanshah, and West Azerbaijan provinces participated in the second annual conference focused on border areas. The event will also include governors from Erbil, Al-Sulaymaniyah, and Halabja, as well as heads of the administrations of Garmyan, Raparin, and Soran.

Recently, the city of Urmia in West Azerbaijan province hosted the inaugural forum for governors of Iranian border provinces under the patronage of Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi. This event included discussions with governors from Erbil, Duhok, and Al-Sulaymaniyah.

There are four border crossings between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan: Haji Omeran-Tamarchin, Penjwen-Bashmaq, Parviz Khan, and Sayran Ban.

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