Iraq’ oil exports to the United States decrease


Shafaq News / The Energy Information Administration (EIA) Data showed, on Saturday, that Iraqi oil exports to the United States decreased by 184 thousand bpd in the past week.

EIA stated in a report, "Iraq oil exports dropped to about 184 thousand bpd in the second week of November, while US imports also decreased in the same week by 640 thousand bpd to export a total of by 5,197 thousand barrels per day."

The top three source countries of U.S. import oil are Canada (3.549 million bpd), Mexico (661 thousand bpd), and Russia (519 thousand bpd). "

It indicated that "US imports of crude oil from Saudi Arabia is 277 thousand bpd, Ecuador 229 thousand bpd, Nigeria 27 thousand bpd and from Columbia 71 thousand bpd."

Iraq is the second–largest crude oil producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) after Saudi Arabia, and it holds the world’s fifth–largest proved crude oil reserves. Most of Iraq’s major known fields–all of which are located onshore–are producing or are in development.

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