Basra Light Crude drops to 63.11 US dollars  

Basra Light Crude drops to 63.11  US dollars  

Shafaq News/ Basra light and heavy crude dropped today, Thursday, for the second day in a row. 

Basra light crude exports to Asia fell to 63.11 dollars per barrel, equal to 2.65% decrease compared to yesterday, Wednesday, when the heavy crude witnessed a decrease of 0.94% (61.91 dollars per barrel). 

Saudi light crude reached 64.26 dollars per barrel, while the Emirati Merban amounted to 63.74 dollars, and the Algerian Saharan for 62.79 dollars, and the Nigerian Bonny light oil amounted to 62.80 dollars. 

Global oil prices rose today, where Brent crude oil amounted to  63.17 dollars and West Texas Brent crude reached  59.63 dollars. 

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