Al-Sudani: the cooperation with Berlin should serve the government's priorities


Shafaq News/ Iraq's Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani expressed his cabinet's willingness to expand joint action with Germany in the fields of agriculture, industry, and tourism.

Prime Minister al-Sudani's remarks came during a meeting with Germany's federal minister of economic cooperation and development, Svenja Schulze, in his residence in Berlin on Thursday.

According to a readout issued by his bureau, al-Sudani and Schulze discussed cooperation prospects in the fields of development, investment, and economics.

The prime minister said that his government attaches huge importance to vocational training in developing skills, capabilities, and expertise, in a bid to prop up the market and private sector in Iraq.

Al-Sudani said that the cooperation with Germany should serve the priorities his government deems pivotal to diversify Iraq's revenue streams, by developing agriculture, industry, tourism, and other vital sectors.

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