Trump: We have not pledged to protect the Kurds forever and we will keep our troops in Syria


Shafaq News/ U.S. President ,Donald Trump defended his decision of withdrawing U.S. troops stationed in northern Syria, noting that Washington has never pledged to support Kurdish forces forever.

Trump said that the Kurds are leaving the region in "smart" way and described the conflict between Turkey and Kurdish forces as something that must happen without American intervention.

The U.S. president confirmed that his troops would be kept in other areas of Syria, and indicated that he did not want to keep them there.

Trump stressed that his decision to withdraw from Syria was good for the region, although the agreement to freeze the fighting reached by Vice President ,Mike Pence during his visit to Turkey did not last long.

The U.S. president has decided to withdraw his troops from northeastern Syria, coinciding with the beginning of the military operation "spring of peace" on areas controlled by Kurdish forces.

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