Kurdish official :We knew from "Twitter" about the withdrawal of US forces

Kurdish official :We knew from "Twitter" about the withdrawal of US forces

Shafaq News/ A Kurdish intelligence official told Newsweek magazine that the administration of President ,Donald Trump did not inform Kurdish fighters of its decision to withdraw US troops from northeastern Syria.

The official, who did not reveal his name, said that Kurdish fighters, the main US ally in the war, knew from Twitter about Trump's decision to withdraw troops from the Turkish operation area in eastern Euphrates and not to interfere in the conflict.

The official confirmed that this news caused a state of shock to the Kurdish leadership, saying: "This was like: What is this shit?!".

Trump announced his decision last Sunday after a telephone call with his Turkish counterpart ,Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and many saw it as a betrayal to the Kurdish fighters by the US administration.

Trump's decision came as a surprise not only to Washington's regional allies, but to many officials involved in the Syrian issue in the United States.

According to "Associated Press" US Defense Secretary ,Mark Esper said that President Trump ordered US troops in Syria to move south with Turkey's attacks against the Kurds, but not leave Syria.

According to "Reuters" two US officials said that a small number of US troops were moved away from a site in Ain Essa, Syria, due to fighting in the region.

A US official said earlier today that US troops in northern Syria at risk of "isolation" could clash with Turkish-backed forces.

The US official said the situation in northeast Syria was "rapidly deteriorating" as Turkish-backed forces advanced and could isolate US forces on the ground.

The official said on Sunday that development was rapidly increasing the risk of confrontation between Turkish-backed forces and US forces in the region.

President Donald Trump said US forces in northern Syria would withdraw before the Turkish offensive.

Since Saturday, Turkish-backed fighters have moved under cover of Turkish airstrikes towards Ain Issa city, an administrative city of Kurdish-led forces   where there is a major US base.

The official said that US forces and their Kurdish allies no longer control terrestrial communication lines and have no control over Turkish planes.

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