Russia Accuses Ukraine of Attack on Crimean Bridge, Blames UK and US

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Attack on Crimean Bridge, Blames UK and US

Shafaq News / On Monday; Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova accused Ukraine of launching an attack on the Crimean Bridge, resulting in the tragic death of two individuals.

Zakharova claimed that the assault was executed with the involvement of the United Kingdom and the United States, escalating tensions between the countries.

The Russian Anti-Terrorism Committee reported in the early hours of Monday that the strategically significant Crimean Bridge had fallen under a "terrorist" attack, causing considerable damage to a section of the roadway.

This incident prompted the Russian Investigative Committee in the Crimean Peninsula to dispatch a specialized team of investigators to ascertain the details surrounding the emergency situation.

Tragic consequences unfolded from the incident as the Ministry of Health in the Krasnodar region confirmed the injury of a child, while both of her parents lost their lives.

The exact circumstances leading to their demise remain under investigation.

Consequently, Russian authorities swiftly suspended traffic on the Crimean Bridge, implementing necessary safety measures and initiating efforts to address the damages incurred. The Russian Ministry of Transport corroborated reports of significant road damage along the Crimean Bridge, specifically in the vicinity of the Crimean Peninsula.

The developments surrounding the alleged attack on the Crimean Bridge, coupled with Russia's accusations against Ukraine, further exacerbate the already strained relations between the countries.

As tensions rise, international observers closely monitor the situation, seeking potential diplomatic interventions to de-escalate the growing crisis.

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