Hezbollah's growing arsenal strengthens its position against Israeli aggression

Hezbollah's growing arsenal strengthens its position against Israeli aggression

Shafaq News / Hezbollah’s expanding arsenal presents a critical security challenge for Israel along its northern border.

The Lebanese group’s precision missile capabilities extend beyond the well-known Fateh-110 missiles, encompassing various other advanced weaponry.

The Alma Research and Education Center has disclosed that Hezbollah possessed approximately 2,000 anti-aircraft missiles of various types. This stockpile is believed to have grown, with current estimates indicating around 2,500 anti-aircraft missiles, supplemented by thousands of drones. These weapon transfers are continuously facilitated through the Iranian corridor.

The Center alleged that Iran has transformed the Syrian CERS (Scientific Studies and Research Center) into a pivotal hub for the development, production, and transfer of advanced and precision weapons to Hezbollah. The report highlights that Hezbollah has developed a significant capability for weapon production within Lebanon.

The Center asserted that Hezbollah, with Iranian assistance, is consistently updating and maintaining its arsenal. Even in the event of a full-scale war with Israel, Hezbollah's weapon production and transfer activities are expected to persist.

The Alma Research Center projected that Hezbollah could execute an average of 3,000 rocket launches per day into Israeli territory for at least ten days in a full-scale conflict. Should the war extend to two months, Hezbollah would likely sustain an average of 1,000 launches daily.

In addition to rocket launches, Hezbollah is anticipated to employ mortars, anti-tank missiles, drones, and possibly some anti-aircraft missiles in attacks on Israeli military forces maneuvering in southern Lebanon. The group might also deploy heavy short-range rockets against Israeli ground forces, according to the report.

Since October 7, Hezbollah has been deeply involved in intense, near-daily cross-border fighting with Israel.

Hezbollah has launched heavy missile attacks on Israel, resulting in casualties among soldiers, the destruction of hundreds of military telecommunication towers, and the downing of drones.

There is significant internal Israeli conflict over the escalating tensions with Hezbollah, particularly given the group's substantial arsenal, which Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah claims includes up to 100,000 missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

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