China Engaged in "Intensive and Aggressive" Spying Campaign on British Intelligence Services, Report Finds

China Engaged in "Intensive and Aggressive" Spying Campaign on British Intelligence Services, Report Finds

Shafaq News/ A report released today by the British Security and Intelligence Committee has revealed China's extensive efforts to penetrate the British intelligence services through an "intensive and aggressive" spying campaign.

The report highlights China's technological superiority and raises concerns over successive British government's failure to address this threat, prioritizing economic interests over security risks. British lawmakers have warned that China's activities have expanded across all sectors of the economy, including a significant presence in the British nuclear sector.

According to The Times, the report emphasizes China's ability to exert control over Britain's electricity supply through its investments in the nuclear sector, raising fears of potential consequences if relations between the two countries deteriorate. The report further highlights the risk of China seizing technological supremacy and imposing its political and economic influence at various levels, presenting a "terrifying scenario."

The Security and Intelligence Committee, responsible for overseeing British intelligence services such as MI5, MI6, and GCHQ, took nearly four years to produce the 207-page report. It concludes that Britain is facing a "comprehensive attack on the components of the state" from China, targeting politicians, critical infrastructure, the military, private companies, and the academic sector.

One of the key findings is China's concerted efforts to infiltrate British universities to seize intellectual property and ideas. The report also reveals an unsuccessful attempt by China to plant an individual within one of the intelligence agencies in Britain. British intelligence services are said to be aware of hacking attempts and have undertaken thorough investigations into applicants seeking to work with them.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that the report relies on evidence-primarily collected in 2020, and the government has since bolstered its defenses against Chinese activities. The report sheds light on the egregious inability of successive British governments to address this critical issue promptly, despite previous allegations from intelligence officials and experts about the security threat posed by China.

Criticism is directed at the handling of the matter by governments, companies, and academics over the years, with economic gains often outweighing the seriousness of security issues. The report emphasizes the need for greater control over sensitive investment decisions, improved compliance with checks and balances, and heightened attention to security risks in the energy sector compared to economic gains.

The report serves as a wake-up call for British authorities, prompting a reassessment of China's influence and activities.

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