Iraq directs liquefied gas supply to Kurdistan following Khor Mor attack

Iraq directs liquefied gas supply to Kurdistan following Khor Mor attack

Shafaq News / The federal government in Baghdad directed, on Tuesday, the dispatch of liquefied gas to the Kurdistan Region after the collapse of electricity due to the bombing of the "Khor Mor" gas field.

According to a letter from the Ministry of Oil to the Kurdistan Region, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani approved supplying the Region with liquefied gas to fuel electricity generation until the gas field resumes operations.

Notably, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) submitted a request to Baghdad last Saturday "to supply it with liquefied gas after the Khor Mor field was targeted by drones, leading to its shutdown due to the psychological impact on the workforce and fears of recurrence."

The cessation of gas supply to power plants resulted in the loss of 2500 megawatts of electricity production for the Region and the federal government, as well as the cessation of LPG supply to households.

On Friday, April 26, 2024, an unidentified bombing targeted the "Khor Mor" gas field in the Chamchamal district of al-Sulaymaniya governorate within the Kurdistan Region.

Khor Mor's significance stems from its vast size, making it Iraq's largest gas field. It plays a crucial role in electricity generation, supplying a significant portion of the Kurdistan Region's needs.

Foreign investment, led by companies like Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum, aims to expand production despite setbacks from attacks.

The attacks have raised concerns about regional dynamics, particularly regarding energy security and geopolitical stability. There are suspicions that the attacks may be linked to Prime Minister Al-Sudani's energy agreements with the US, aimed at pressuring American withdrawal from Iraq and deterring foreign investment.

It is noteworthy that the identity of the attackers remains unclear, although they are believed to oppose the interests of the Region and Baghdad.

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