Inquiries are not enough to curb the attacks on our headquarters, KDP bloc spokesperson


Shafaq News/ The spokesperson of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the Kurdistan Parliament, Peshwa Hawrami, said today, Sunday, that the party's headquarters had been subjected to seventy attacks over the past period, calling for more substantial measures. 

Upon his visit to al-Sulaymaniyah with a delegation of members of Kurdistan Parliament and meeting security officers of the governorate, Hawrami said, "partisan headquarters of the KDP have been frequently attacked recently. We came to discuss the circumstances and the solutions."

He continued, "Recently, our headquarters had been attacked 70 times," hinting that other partisan sides were involved in some of these attacks.

"After our meetings with security officers in al-Sulaymaniyah, it seems insufficient to conduct inquiries with suspects. They shall be charged. [Authorities] shall put an end to these misdemeanors."

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