Kurdistan Democratic Party: to take legal measures against the "attackers”

Kurdistan Democratic Party:  to take legal measures against the "attackers”

Shafaq News / The official of the 12th branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Halabja Governorate, Bassam Ali, called on Sunday for the security forces to take legal measures against the "attackers" last night at the branch building.

Ali said in a press conference held today that last night, the branch’s headquarter were attacked by four young men, indicating that one of the branch’s building guards, aiming to keep those attackers away, fired shots in the air.


The official expressed his surprise at the attack on the branch building at a time when the party does not have any important position in Halabja.


"We have always been representatives of tolerance in the governorate, so we should have been rewarded, not attacked," Ali added.


A group of protesters set fire to government buildings on Saturday night and attacked party headquarter in Halabja.


On Sunday, the Kurdish Prime Minister, Masrour Barzani, condemned the burning of government buildings, public and private properties in Halabja, considering these acts as crimes.

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