PM Al-Sudani inaugurates Digital Data Center, Traffic Signs and License Plates Manufacturing Plant

PM Al-Sudani inaugurates Digital Data Center, Traffic Signs and License Plates Manufacturing Plant

Shafaq News / Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani inaugurated, on Saturday, the Digital Data Center at the Ministry of Interior and the Traffic Signs and License Plates Manufacturing Plant in central Baghdad. 

The PM’s media office reported that the event was attended by the Ministers of Interior, Planning, Communications, Higher Education, Labor and Social Affairs, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, the Governor of the Central Bank, and several government and security officials.

In his speech during the inauguration, Prime Minister Al-Sudani commended the efforts of the Ministry of Interior staff and the implementing Iraqi company. 

“He highlighted the importance of the Digital Data Center in data preservation and exchange, noting the ministry's significant progress in providing electronic services to citizens, starting with e-passport and e-visa programs, and now extending to data collection.”

Prime Minister Al-Sudani emphasized that the Ministry of Interior, while primarily a security entity, also plays a critical service role and directly interacts with citizens. 

He underscored the importance of “data sharing between departments and institutions,” stating that “access to data and information will enhance the Ministry of Interior's capability in combating crime.”

The Digital Data Center aligns with the Prime Minister's directives to ensure data security, promote data sharing, and rely on automation and digital transformation in service delivery, as per the media office. “It is part of the e-passport, e-visa, and other electronic portales projects funded by the Police Martyrs Fund.”

“The center will serve the Ministry of Interior and all its departments, including systems for electronic passports, e-visas, national ID cards, vehicle registration, driving licenses, criminal records, and other directorates. It can also support other ministries and the private sector in data hosting or backup, benefiting the public interest.”

The center houses 200 digital data cabinets and is designed for future expansion over the next 20 years. Built to high specifications, it can operate independently of national electricity for up to 30 days, as reported by the Prime Minister’s media office.

Additionally, Al-Sudani inaugurated a traffic sign manufacturing plant that will meet high standards, allowing vehicle owners to drive abroad.

Al-Sudani emphasized the significance of this project in providing a permanent solution to the longstanding issue of traffic signs. 

“The first production line was installed in March and is now operational. The investing company is committed to delivering additional production lines in the near future to produce square signs and motorcycle plates. A dedicated team from the Directorate of Traffic/Directorate of Road Engineering and Traffic Signs underwent training at the plant on how to operate the new equipment.”

According to the media office, “Each production line can produce approximately 2,000 plates per hour, amounting to 16,000 plates during a single work shift, with the potential for increased output by extending working hours based on the Directorate of Traffic's needs. The plant is capable of producing three types of plates in various sizes according to the directorate's requirements: short plates, long plates, and motorcycle plates.”

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