Turkish artillery targets PKK positions in northern Duhok

Turkish artillery targets PKK positions in northern Duhok

Shafaq News/ Turkish artillery targeted positions held by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in northern Duhok governorate on Tuesday morning, according to a security source.

The source informed Shafaq News Agency that Turkish shelling struck PKK positions in the Gara Mountain range overlooking Al-Amadiya district in northern Duhok.

Additionally, the vicinity of Dewiki village in the Shiladze sub-district was subjected to the bombardment.

The extent of the damage and casualties resulting from this shelling has yet to be determined.

The conflict between Turkiye and the PKK is a longstanding and complex issue rooted in the struggle for Kurdish rights and autonomy within Turkiye.

The PKK, founded in 1978 by Abdullah Öcalan and others, began its armed struggle against the Turkish state in 1984, seeking initially to establish an independent Kurdish state.

The conflict intensified in the 1990s, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and widespread destruction in Kurdish regions.

Despite several ceasefires and peace talks, notably in the early 2010s, the conflict has repeatedly reignited, most recently in 2015.

The PKK operates from bases in northern Iraq and has affiliates in Syria, prompting Turkish military operations across borders.

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