Iraq publishes its monthly gas production


Shafaq News / the Ministry of Oil published today, Wednesday, the total production of gas in August.


The Iraqi ministry statistics –published on the official website- showed that the total production of gas in August is as follows:

·        Associated gas production: 2386 Mcf per day

·        Combustible gas: 1176 Mcf per day.

·        Dry gas: 1080 million Mcf per day

·        Liquid gas: 5,510 tons per day.


The ministry added the following:


Associated gas (Mcf /day)

Combustible gas (Mcf /day)

North Oil Company (NOC) and Midland Oil Company



Basra and Dhi Qar and Maysan oil





The ministry estimates that Iraq possesses owns 132 Tcf of gas, 70% of it is associated gas produced from extracting crude oil.

 It’s noteworthy that Iraq is ranked 11th as a  rich country in natural gas after Russia, Iran and Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Nigeria, Venezuela and Algeria.

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