UK has no intention to join US naval operations off the coast of Israel

UK has no intention to join US naval operations off the coast of Israel

Shafaq News/ The UK clarified that it has no plans to join US naval operations amid escalating tensions over potential military retaliation for the killing of military officers, including Brig-Gen Zahedi, a leader in the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), along with his deputy and 11 others in a strike on the Iranian annex in Syria's capital.

A Royal Navy source informed The Telegraph that the UK has no intention of participating in US operations off the coast of Israel.

The UK's naval presence in the region includes HMS Diamond, a Type 45 destroyer operating in the Red Sea near Yemen, and HMS Lancaster, deployed in the Arabian Sea to counter drug and weapon smuggling.

On the other side, Washington has expressed readiness to "defend" Israel against potential Iranian attacks.

The US is deploying additional military assets near Israel to protect against a possible strike by Iran, which could occur imminently, according to US information.

The USS Dwight D Eisenhower, a US Navy cruiser, and two destroyers have been positioned closer to Israel through the Red Sea. Reports also suggest plans to station a missile-equipped vessel near the Israeli coast as part of enhanced defense measures.

Moreover, the US has bolstered its presence in the Middle East, anticipating potential threats from Iran or its proxy groups like Hezbollah in Lebanon.

President Joe Biden has publicly stated his expectations of an Iranian attack on Israel within 48 hours and cautioned Tehran against such actions.

Meanwhile, Tehran has warned the Biden administration, through Middle Eastern intermediaries, to avoid involvement in the conflict.

According to Axios sources, any US participation could prompt a military response from Iran, adding further complexity to the evolving situation.

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