Trump: Biden's ego will keep him in the race despite health concerns

Trump: Biden's ego will keep him in the race despite health concerns

Shafaq News/ The Republican candidate for the US presidential elections, former President Donald Trump, ruled out that his main rival, Joe Biden, would withdraw from the presidential race, despite the pressure exerted on him by some of his Democratic allies due to their concerns about his health condition.

In his first television interview since the debate between him and Biden last month, Trump told Fox News, "It looks to me like he may very well stay, and he's got an ego, and he doesn't want to quit.”

He further provided his first detailed account of the CNN-hosted debate in Atlanta, where Biden at times lost his train of thought and spoke incoherently.

During last Thursday's debate, Biden mumbled under his breath and occasionally lost focus during his presentation.

The Republican billionaire described his Democratic rival's performance in that debate saying, “I will tell you. It was a strange debate because within a few minutes, the answers he gave were completely illogical,” according to AFP.

Trump noted that he deliberately avoided looking at Biden while he was speaking. "I caught a glimpse of him when he was in the middle of giving some really bad answers," he said.

He continued: "They were not even answers. They were just collected words that had no meaning or logic."

Biden told House Democrats in a letter Monday that he’s staying in the race and is committed to beating Trump in November.

"We had a Democratic nomination process and the voters have spoken clearly and decisively. I received over 14 million votes, 87% of the votes cast across the entire nominating process. I have nearly 3,900 delegates, making me the presumptive nominee of our party by a wide margin," Biden’s letter read in part.

"I can respond to all this by saying clearly and unequivocally: I wouldn't be running again if I did not absolutely believe I was the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024."

Trump said if Biden is forced out or steps down, he believes Vice President Kamala Harris will fill his shoes.

The former president added that Biden has a lot of power due to the number of delegates he’s received thus far, so the only way Democrats can get him out of the race is by using the 25th Amendment.

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