Russian-Chinese naval exercises in the Pacific

Russian-Chinese naval exercises in the Pacific

Shafaq News / Russian and Chinese naval warships commenced joint maritime maneuvers today, Friday, in the Pacific Ocean. These exercises encompass anti-submarine training, rescue operations, and countering aerial strikes.

A recorded video published by the Russian news agency "TASS" displayed nine large ships sailing in a quad formation, with crew members positioned on the decks.

As announced by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, the exercises also included training in "fuel replenishment by ships and cargo transfer while ships are in motion." The ministry stated that the group of ships covered over 6400 nautical miles since the beginning of the training.

"A squadron of ships from the Russian Navy and a squadron from the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy are currently conducting operations in the waters of the East China Sea."

The ministry continued "During this period, sailors from both nations conducted anti-submarine exercises, defended against simulated aerial strikes, performed sea rescue exercises, and mastered take-off and landing skills using helicopters on the surface of the warships."

Recent times have seen strengthened relations between Moscow and Beijing, while the conflict in Ukraine has led to a deterioration in Russia's relations with Western governments.

Furthermore, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense mentioned on Monday that naval fleets of both countries are conducting patrols in the western and northern regions of the Pacific Ocean.

"These actions do not target a third party and are not linked to the existing international and regional situation," according to Agence France-Presse.

Moreover, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu visited Russia this week to attend the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security, where he called for the enhancement of military cooperation.

It is noteworthy that Moscow and Beijing have intensified their bilateral military cooperation in recent months, including joint aerial patrols over the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea in July of last year.

This display of power has raised concerns in the region, prompting South Korea to deploy fighter jets as a precautionary measure.

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