President Raisi instates committee to probe unrest in Iran

President Raisi instates committee to probe unrest in Iran

Shafaq News/ Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has sanctioned the formation of an extraordinary committee to probe the events that culminated in the nationwide unrest last year.

Chaired by Hossein Mozaffar, a distinguished member of Iran's Expediency Council, the committee is mandated to conduct specialized and technical inquiries, appraise reports from affiliated institutions, and contribute to ongoing investigations into the tumult, as reported by IRNA on Sunday.

The committee, chaired by Hussein Mozaffar, a member of Iran's Expediency Council, will carry out technical and specialized investigations, assess reports from various institutions, and advance ongoing inquiries into the disturbance, as reported by IRNA on Sunday.

Following Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi's report on a special task force's performance within the ministry, the committee has been tasked with conducting a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the riots.

They will rely on personal accounts from citizens, media coverage, and relevant organizations' investigations.

Compensation will be provided to those who suffered material damages or "spiritual injuries" during the unrest, as well as to victims' families.

The committee members will also collect and document eyewitness accounts for presentation in international legal cases.

The committee will identify shortcomings in existing laws and regulations concerning the freedom of peaceful assembly. They will consult with academic and scientific communities to gather expert opinions and propose necessary revisions.

The unrest was triggered by the death of a young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, who passed away in a hospital on September 16, a few days after collapsing in the custody of the morality police in Tehran.

Iran's Legal Medicine Organization issued a report indicating that Amini's death resulted from a pre-existing medical condition rather than alleged head injuries.

Her father has said she suffered bruises to her legs, and has held the police responsible for her death.

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