Raisi says Israel risks its existence by attacking Iran

Raisi says Israel risks its existence by attacking Iran

Shafaq News/ Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi warned on Tuesday that if Israel were to attack Iran, it would risk significant damage to its own territory.

If Israel “makes a mistake and attacks the sacred soil of Iran, the situation will be different and there might not be anything left of the Zionist regime,” Raisi warned during a speech at a university in Pakistan, where he began a multi-day visit on Monday.

On April 13, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel in its first-ever direct attack against the country. The attack came in response to a deadly strike on Tehran’s consulate in Syria earlier this month, which the Islamic Republic blamed on Israel.

Iran said its attack was “completely successful,” but Israel said it caused minimal damage after the majority of the projectiles were intercepted.

On Friday, Israel seemingly retaliated against the Iranian attack by targeting a military air base in central Iran.

Tehran has largely sought to downplay Friday’s attack, with its foreign minister likening the weapons used to “toys,” signaling a reluctance to pursue further escalation.

Raisi refrained from commenting on the Israeli attack during his Tuesday speech in Pakistan.

On Sunday, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei met with senior military commanders, praising the attack on Israel. He too did not address the Israeli response.

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