US expulsion will bring stability to Iraq: Iran's president

US expulsion will bring stability to Iraq: Iran's president

Shafaq News/ Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday said Iraq's security and stability are contingent upon the withdrawal of the United States and its allies from the country.

Raisi's remarks came during a joint press conference with Iraq's Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-sudani who arrived in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on an official visit this morning.

The Iranian president said that the ties between Iran and Iraq are "deeply rooted in the cultures and values" of the two neighboring countries, highlighting the Arbaeen pilgrimage as testimonies of their prosperity.

"The Iraqi government has proceeded with its mission under al-Sudani," he said, "it garnered the backing of all the political parties and Iraqi components for al-Sudani to successfully provide services and relieve the sufferings of the Iraqis."

Raisi reiterated its commitment to cooperation with Iraq and neighboring countries, hoping that it expands and develops in all fields.

The president attached importance to Iraq's role in laying the foundations of peace, security, and stability in the entire region, stressing that Tehran and Baghdad share the willingness to combat terrorism and destabilizing factors.

"The fight against terrorist groups, the fight against organized crime, the fight against drugs and any insecurity that threatens the region are among the agreements and the common will of the two countries," he said.

Raisi said that the involvement of foreign actors hampers the peace endeavors in the region, calling for the withdrawal of the US forces from Iraq.

"The presence of foreigners in the region does not create security in any way, but it adds to our problems. Like in Afghanistan, the presence of the Americans in Iraq could not establish security. It is not a privilege in other parts of the region, and surely their expulsion from the region can greatly contribute to its security," he said.

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