Jordan intercepts drone carrying weapons from Syria


Shafaq News/ Jordan's army on Saturday thwarted an attempt to smuggle weapons and grenades into the country from Syria using a drone, state-TV reported.

The kingdom's border guards spotted the explosives-laden drone crossing into the eastern region, a military source was quoted as saying.

It was downed inside Jordanian territory, the source said.

After a search, the border guards found the drone, an M4 carbine rifle and four hand grenades, the source said.

The drone had been booby-trapped and was handled by specialised team, they said.

Jordanian officials have reported a surge in attempts to smuggle drugs from Syria over the past year, including large quantities found hidden in lorries at the kingdom's main border crossing, en route to the Gulf region.

Syrian authorities have in recent months announced several major interceptions of drugs destined for Gulf markets and say they are doing their utmost to tackle widespread production in the country

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