Israeli army conducts strikes in Syria in response to Eilat's targeting

Israeli army conducts strikes in Syria in response to Eilat's targeting

Shafaq News/ The Israeli army announced on Friday that it had carried out strikes on sites inside Syria in retaliation for the targeting of the Israeli city of Eilat.

In a statement on the X platform, the army stated, "In response to a drone originating from Syria that struck a school in Eilat, the Israeli army struck the organization that carried out the attack," refraining from specifying the organization's name.

The Israeli army further noted its ongoing operations to dismantle Hezbollah's infrastructure in Lebanon, stating, "Combat aircraft struck Hezbollah targets in Lebanese territory in response to shooting toward Israel during the day."

Earlier, the Israeli army confirmed that an unidentified drone crashed into an elementary school in the city of Eilat on the Red Sea in southern Israel, causing material damage and inducing a state of panic.

Tensions in the Middle East have remained high since October 7, following a Palestinian resistance attack on the Israeli-occupied area around the Gaza Strip that resulted in the kidnapping of over 230 people, including Israelis and foreigners.

In response, Israel launched a series of intense airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, leading to a devastating toll of over 10,500 fatalities and more than 20,000 injuries.

The situation has been exacerbated by the severe humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip, with Israel cutting off essential services such as the Internet and water supply. The acute shortage of food and medical equipment, coupled with the closure of numerous hospitals, has left Gaza in a catastrophic state.

Amid this challenging environment, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, Lebanese Hezbollah, and Houthi forces in Yemen have expressed strong solidarity with Palestine. These groups have conducted various operations, including missile launches and drone attacks, to demonstrate their support for the Palestinian cause amidst the ongoing conflict.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has intensified its attacks, primarily targeting American bases in Iraq and Syria, with a particular focus on Ain al-Assad and Harir bases. Meanwhile, the Yemeni Ansar Allah group launched missiles towards occupied territories, although Israel successfully intercepted the majority of them.

In Lebanon, the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah centers on "Lebanon's right to liberate its lands." Hezbollah's strikes have been concentrated in the Shebaa Farms and Kfarshouba Hills, areas still under Israeli occupation. The clashes in southern Lebanon resulted in the killing of approximately 70 Hezbollah members, who successfully destroyed Israeli watchtowers military bases and inflicted casualties on Israeli soldiers.

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