Foreign parties are involved in the protests in Iran, FM


Shafaq News/ The Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, revealed that Tehran has documents that corroborate information of foreign parties involved in the recent events.

Amir- Abdullahian said the internal protests aimed to lead to a civil war and launch terrorist attacks.

“This comes within the framework of Washington and the West’s attempts for Tehran to make political concessions.” The Minister who tested positive for Covid-19 said.

According to OHCHR, thousands have been detained throughout Iran for joining protests.

“Security officers reportedly responded forcefully to demonstrations in several mainly Kurdish locations on Monday evening.” The UN Agency said.

Over 300 people, including around 40 children, were killed during two months of protests. Human rights organizations reported.

Iranian authorities also said that 46 members of its security forces had been killed.

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