A massive explosion in Kermanshah


Shafaq News / A powerful explosion shook fuel stores in the Iranian province of Kermanshah, which led to the outbreak of fire on six fuel trucks that were at the site.

The Governor of Kermanshah, Fadlullah Ranjbar, said in statements with the Iranian News Agency, "IRNA", "the smoke observed in the sky of the city was caused by a fire in a fuel tanker in the district of Daultabad". 

He added, "Initially, the fire broke out in a tanker and then spread to several other vehicles", confirming that firefighting teams rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire.

The explosion injured at least five people.

Since late June, a series of fires and explosions occurred at military, industrial and nuclear sites, as well as oil refineries, power plants, factories and companies.

The head of the Iranian Civil Defense Organization, Ghulam Reza Jalali, said that Tehran does not exclude that the explosions are caused by sabotage operations by opposition groups or the hypothesis of cyber-attacks by the United States. Other Iranian officials confirmed that Israel is behind those attacks.

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