The current financial crisis can be an opportunity to support the domestic agricultural product, KRG says


Shafaq News/ The Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in Kurdistan Region, Begard Talabani, viewed on Tuesday the decline of the Iraqi dinar's exchange rate against the dollar as an opportunity to increase domestic agricultural products.

Talabani highlighted, in a press conference held today during her visit to the New "Alwa" of Erbil, the establishment of agricultural greenhouses project on a 300 dunums land, indicating that these houses can cover the agricultural requirements throughout the year.

Talabani touched upon the significant change in the exchange rate in Iraq, "we must view this situation as an opportunity to prioritize the local products and create a balance in the local markets with those of neighboring countries and stop the leak of hard currency from the region."

Early this month, the Investment Authority in Kurdistan Region launched the "Alwa" project, a large market for selling vegetables and fruits.

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