Statements of a member of the wisdom movement raise anger among Kurdish parties


Shafaq News/ Statements made by a leader in the National Wisdom Movement created tension with the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament.

A member of the political body of the Movement, Rahim al-Aboudi, said in an interview that the Peshmerga forces are among the armed factions and groups operating outside the Iraqi state's system.

In this regard, the Ministry of Peshmerga considered, in a statement, Al-Aboudi’s speech an “insult”.

"The Peshmerga forces will continue their work within the framework of the constitution and the Iraqi defense system, and all parties are aware that without the Peshmerga forces, the security and stability of a large part of the regions would be subject to more risks", the statement said.

It added, "such statements do not serve in any way the Iraqi people and its unity," stressing that it reserves the right to legal response against al-Aboudi.

For its part, the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the Iraqi parliament condemned Al-Aboudi's statements.

"What he said is from the approach of the National Wisdom Movement, which must take a clear position on its member and not allow its cadres to attack the heroic Peshmerga forces in any place or occasion anymore."

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