PUK lawmaker: we have two administrations in the Kurdistan region


Shafaq News/ Iraq's Kurdistan is being run by two different administrations, the head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's bloc in the region's parliament, Ziyad Jabbar, said on Saturday, accusing the Kurdistan Democratic Party of failing to commit to the agreement that gave birth to the ninth cabinet.

Speaking in a joint press conference with al-Sulaymaniyah's governor Haval Abu Bakr, Jabbar said, "we have agreed with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) to form the ninth cabinet. However, some parts of the agreement are yet to be implemented."

"Albeit we are partners in the government, we have some chill in our relation with the KDP," said the PUK lawmaker, "unfortunately, the lack of budget has created many problems for the region. Many projects are not completed, and the services are not balanced."

"We had an experience with the two-administration system before, and we paid hefty prices for it," he concluded.

Governor Abu Bakr said, "the Kurdistan region has two authorities, rather than two administrations. The problem, both here and in Iraq, is the presence of many authorities and the absence of the state."

The governor added that government institutions could not function properly under many authorities, political divisions, and discrimination on sectarian, ethnic, and partisan grounds.

"If government institutions continue to be handled as partisan entitlements, the problem of al-Sulaymaniyah and the entire region would never be solved," he explained.

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