A rapprochement between the two poles of Kurdistan about the federal government

A rapprochement between the two poles of Kurdistan about the federal government

Shafaq News/ The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) announced, on Thursday, that it had reached "unified positions" with the Kurdistan Democratic Party on issues related to the files of the federal government.

 Sitran Abdullah, the National Union media official, said in a press statement that the two parties are ready to work together in the next stage on the basis of the principles they agreed upon in the last meeting."

 He pointed out that the committees that the two parties will form can reach common understanding, so that the Kurdish position in Baghdad “would be unified.”

Concerning the differences of the National Democratic Union, regarding the Electoral Commission and the constitution in the Kurdistan Region, the statement stressed, "there are different visions of the constitution and the Electoral Commission," adding that "that commission will become a center for the upcoming elections."

 The Official pointed out that "the two parties are ready to run those elections.”

“ Today there is a will to resolve these different visions, and the two parties can find common points between them, for the commission and for the constitution as well."

 The statement denied reports that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan had objected to holding the elections in Kurdistan on time.

 "The Patriotic Union has no problems with holding the elections and always accepted the results, and therefore we are ready for it whenever it takes place.”

Abdullah also denied that his party had fought in the last meeting that included the two parties in the presidency and other positions in Baghdad.  

 He continued, "The insistence of the National Union on the presidency of the republic does not mean that the issue will turn into a dispute between the Union and the Democratic Party, but rather it will be an opportunity for reaching an agreement."

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