Erbil will not receive the federal government's allocations for floods, Governor says


Shafaq News/ Erbil Governorate expressed its "strong dissatisfaction" with Baghdad's allocation of two billion dinars only to face the floods in the governorate.

In a statement, Erbil Governor Omid Khoshnaw said, "The material losses caused by the floods are estimated at 20 to 21 billion dinars."

He added, "We submitted a request to the federal government to allocate an amount from the emergency reserve to face flood losses," expressing regret "for the allocation of the Federal Council of Ministers that amounted to two billion dinars."

Khoshnaw pointed out that "the amount allocated was not expected at all, and is not suitable with the severe damage caused by the floods in Erbil."

"We reject this amount, and we will not receive it in any way…what we asked for is our legal right." He said.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers had decided, during its weekly session, on Tuesday, to allocate two billion dinars to confront the floods in Erbil last Thursday, killing ten people and, as well as heavy material losses to the homes and infrastructure.

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