Commitment to the manifesto of the State Administration Coalition could end Baghdad-Erbil disputes: lawmaker


Shafaq News/ The political forces can put the kibosh on the Baghdad-Erbil disputes by committing to the manifesto of the State Administration Coalition, Kurdish lawmaker Sharif Sleiman said on Wednesday.

Speaking to Shafaq News Agency, the member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's parliamentary bloc said that the ruling coalition's manifesto has provided the grounds for Prime Minister Masrour Barzani's visit to Iraq's capital city, Baghdad, today.

"The visit is complementary to this political agreement and a real-life projection of the roadmap it laid," he added.

"Overcoming the crisis and resolving the disputes is feasible if the political partners commit to the manifesto that gave birth to the incumbent government," explained the parliamentarian.

Kurdistan's premier arrived in Baghdad this morning on his first official visit under the new federal government of Mohammad Shia al-Sudani. Besides al-Sudani, Barzani held a series of meetings with the Iraqi president, chief justice, and Jordan's parliament speaker, who has been in Baghdad since yesterday

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