Nechirvan Barzani invites the Kurdish parties for a holistic meeting after Newroz


Shafaq News/ The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, in a televised speech on Newroz today, Saturday, called the Federal government to fulfill its obligations and abide by the constitution.

At the outset, Barzani offered greetings on the Newroz and the Kurdish New year to the families of the Martyrs, the victims of al-Anfal, the Kurdish nation, and all the Kurds inside and outside the country, as well as the Peshmerga and al security forces.

Barzani extended special commendations and gratitude to the healthcare personnel "whom, for the second year in a row, are on the frontlines to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and preserve the lives and the safety of the citizens," appraising the efforts of all the security forces that played a vital role in maintaining the preventive measures.

The Region’s President said, "Newruz is a sacred national holiday and a symbol of victory, revival, and freedom for the Kurdish people. It always gives us strength and morale," calling on everyone in the new beginning to "benefit from the mistakes of the past, be tolerant, and recover, look to a more prosperous future with hope and optimism, and join our strengths and capabilities and work together to overcome difficulties."

Barzani stressed that success, progress, better living for citizens, and the guarantee of the constitutional rights of the people of Kurdistan requires to join efforts, harmony, and collective work, stressing upon "putting an end to the conflicts and differences between the Kurdish political parties that brings nothing but harm and disunity to Kurdistan," calling for a meeting that joins all Kurdish parties in the region for a meeting after Newroz.

Barzani added that in order to solve the problems with the federal government and the problems of Iraq in general, "I reiterate that the Kurdistan Region will be cooperative and helpful for the sake of stability, peace, and a better future for the country."

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