Northern Iraq electricity production boosted with new gas unit

Northern Iraq electricity production boosted with new gas unit

Shafaq News/ The Director of Northern Electricity Production at the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity announced, on Monday, the activation of the second gas unit at the Dibis Gas Power Plant, with ongoing efforts to bring all units online to achieve a total capacity of 360 megawatts.

He called on North Gas Company to ensure a steady supply of gas to keep the plant operational.

Production Director Waleed Khalid Hassan stated, "We have successfully introduced the second unit of the Dibis Gas Power Plant in Kirkuk, and we are working to activate the first unit in the coming days, which will collectively add around 360 megawatts to the national grid. Our goal is to complete all operational units at the Dibis Gas Power Plant."

Hassan emphasized the importance of gas supply from North Gas Company, part of the Ministry of Oil, for the continuous operation of the plant. "Ensuring a consistent gas supply is crucial for the uninterrupted production of electricity," he noted.

In alignment with the Prime Minister's directives, there is ongoing coordination between the Ministry of Electricity and the Ministry of Oil to maintain operations. Efforts are being made with the company to secure the gas supply necessary for the Dibis Gas Power Plant’s sustained functioning.

Last Wednesday, the Northern Electricity Production Company announced the connection of the second unit at the new Dibis Gas Power Plant to the national grid in Kirkuk. According to a company statement, the engineering and technical teams, along with the executing company Sada Al-Nujoom for Electrical Services, successfully connected the second generating unit to the national electricity network, reaching a production capacity of 120 megawatts, and are working to increase it to its full capacity of 160 megawatts.

Project Manager Abdul Amir Mohsen detailed, "The Dibis Gas Power Plant consists of two units with a combined production capacity of approximately 320 megawatts. The second unit has undergone trial operations to test its endurance, initially producing 40 megawatts, and subsequently increasing to 120 megawatts. Our target is to achieve the full production capacity of 160 megawatts for this unit."

Upon completing the production from the second unit, efforts will focus on activating the first unit, also with a capacity of 160 megawatts, thereby fulfilling the project's total capacity of 320 megawatts.

Iraq has faced a chronic electricity shortage for decades due to sanctions following the invasion of Kuwait and subsequent wars. Residents have long protested the frequent power outages, especially during the scorching summer months when temperatures can soar to 50 degrees Celsius.

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