KDP: Baghdad-Erbil dialogue reaches advanced stages, solutions imminent

KDP: Baghdad-Erbil dialogue reaches advanced stages, solutions imminent

Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) on Monday said that the ongoing dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil has reached advanced stages, with solutions to outstanding issues becoming increasingly attainable.

KDP Lawmaker Shervan Sleimani informed Shafaq News Agency that "dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil is continuous, and the issue of salaries in the Kurdistan Region is progressing positively. There is good coordination and understanding between the two parties, which has resolved many disagreements and pending files." He stressed that "work is ongoing to overcome all differences between the two sides."

Sleimani highlighted the positive signs emerging from the recent Baghdad-Erbil dialogue, emphasizing that "the phase of deep and difficult disagreements has been surpassed, and we have reached a stage of 'easy' disagreements that can be resolved through adherence to the constitution and the fulfillment of rights, in accordance with the political agreement."

"Solutions have become possible and imminent between Baghdad and Erbil, especially in light of the commitment to the constitution and the principles of consensus, balance, and partnership."

The visit of Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad last April received positive acclaim from government, parliamentary, and social circles, particularly after his announcement of reaching a preliminary agreement to resolve outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil.

Upon his arrival in Baghdad on April 27, Barzani held talks with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, discussing the government's program, the implementation of political agreements, and resolving outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, including oil, budget, and employee salaries.

Barzani also participated in both the Coordination Framework meeting and the regular meeting of the State Administration Coalition, which continued late into the night. He reiterated the Region's serious desire to resolve outstanding issues with the federal government in accordance with the provisions of the country's permanent constitution.

Barzani also held talks with the US Ambassador and the French Ambassador in Baghdad.

Observers noted that Nechirvan Barzani's visit to Baghdad carried many "positive indicators" and generated popular optimism.

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