Iraqi PM calls for international stance on Gaza conflict

Iraqi PM calls for international stance on Gaza conflict

Shafaq News/ Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani on Tuesday called for a clear international stance on what he described as the "aggression" of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Al-Sudani's comments came during a series of meetings with international leaders on the sidelines of the Emergency Humanitarian Response Conference in Jordan.

Al-Sudani met with Jordan's King Abdullah II, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Tariq Ahmad, and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. The discussions focused on bilateral relations, regional stability, and the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In his talks with Blinken, Al-Sudani emphasized the need for a robust US response to the actions of Netanyahu's government. He criticized the international community's "weak response" to what he termed a "continuing tragedy marked by mounting casualties and destruction." Al-Sudani warned of the broader regional implications, highlighting threats towards Lebanon that could escalate the conflict.

For his part, Blinken acknowledged Iraq's efforts toward regional stability and humanitarian aid to Gaza. He also conveyed President Joe Biden's appreciation for Iraq's support in peace efforts and stressed the importance of achieving a ceasefire.

During his meeting with Tariq Ahmad, Al-Sudani reaffirmed Iraq's firm stance on Palestinian rights and readiness to provide urgent humanitarian assistance.

He urged major powers and international organizations to "play their part in halting the violence and preventing further catastrophe in Gaza."

Ahmad commended Iraq's balanced approach to regional relations and its support for stability efforts. He emphasized the importance of Iraq's role in peace efforts and endorsed measures to facilitate aid delivery to Gaza.

Later, Al-Sudani held talks with Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez; al-Sudani accepted an invitation to visit Spain this year, noting that Sanchez's previous visit to Baghdad "had laid the groundwork for enhanced bilateral relations." mentioning directives for Iraqi ministries to engage with Spanish companies for reconstruction projects and highlighted bilateral committees as a means to strengthen cooperation.

In addition, Al-Sudani expressed Iraq's gratitude to Spain for recognizing the State of Palestine, calling it "a historic stance in line with Palestinian aspirations for independence."

Sanchez highlighted the "unprecedented development in Spain-Iraq relations and expressed gratitude for Iraq's trust in Spanish companies."

He praised Al-Sudani's support for bilateral committee meetings and reiterated Spain's humanitarian and legal support for Palestine.

In a meeting with King Abdullah II, Al-Sudani discussed the dire situation in Gaza, condemning the violations, killings, starvation, and displacement by Israeli forces. Both leaders agreed on the need for intensified efforts to halt the conflict, with Al-Sudani noting that Iraq would be among the first to be affected by an escalation.

The two sides discussed strengthening bilateral cooperation, with an emphasis on increasing coordination and exchanging visits.

King Abdullah proposed opening bridges across the Jordan River to facilitate Iraqi aid to Gaza via Jordanian planes and cooperation in transporting fuel, food, and other humanitarian supplies.

Throughout his engagements, Al-Sudani reiterated Iraq's support for initiatives aimed at achieving a ceasefire and expediting humanitarian aid to Gaza. He called on the international community to "shoulder its responsibilities in addressing the ongoing crisis and preventing further violence and instability in the region."

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