ISIS is using an extremist group to carry out attacks in Iraq, Intelligence info confirm


Shafaq News/ A senior military commander in the Peshmerga forces revealed that ISIS has used an extremist armed group called "Jund Allah" to carry out attacks in Iraq.

 The assistant commander of the Qara Tapa / Hamrin axis of the Peshmerga, Major General Muhammad Rustom, said that ISIS's capabilities have enhanced in Iraq, and began launching attacks instead of planting explosives and kidnapping shepherds to prove its presence in the country.

 He added, "An extremist armed group consisting of 200 elements called Jund Allah was separated from ISIS, but pledged allegiance to it recently, and was brought from Syria to Iraq and distributed to the governorates to carry out attacks."

 He pointed out that this information was reported by the Global Coalition to the Iraqi authorities.

"A person close to the former terrorist leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was located in a specific area on the Syrian borders", he said, noting that he might be al-Baghdadi's brother or cousin.

He added, "This person made many changes in the terrorist organization's battalions, and warned them of accountability if they did not carry out the required activities."

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