AAR: five terrorists killed in Diyala


Shafaq News/ Iraqi security forces killed five terrorists in a Diyala governorate's security operation today, Monday.

An After Action Review (AAR) issued by the Security Media Cell (SMC) said that the Iraqi Security forces launched a security operation to clear the areas to the west of Hamrin lake from the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs.

The AAR added that security officers managed to neutralize five terrorists, detonated 13 bombs, found nine other explosive devices, two Grads, two bags of gunpowder, TNT, and mortar locket launcher other military equipment.

The SMC reported destroying seven tunnels, 42 dens, an arms cache, eight mortar shells, a hand grenade, a rocket launcher, two glycans with C4 material, two 155 mm projectiles, a caravan rifle store, a motorcycle, a container, a tractor, a vehicle, eight gasoline fuel glycans, three boats, a fishing net, cooking tools, a gas cylinder, military equipment, civilian clothes, a 1-ton cart, sleeping bed, and other materials.

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