Iraq ranks 3 in the Arab world and 26 worldwide in oil consumption


Shafaq News / according to the global firepower foundation,  Iraq ranked third in the Arab world as the largest oil consumer, while the United States ranked first globally.

According to the report, seen by Shafaq News agency, 

In Arabic countries:

Iraq ranked third in the Arab world and 26 globally with 825 thousand barrels per day.

Saudi Arabia ranked first in the Arab world and the fifth globally with a consumption of four million barrels per day.

Egypt ranked second in the Arab world and ranked 25 globally, with 832 barrels per day.


The United States of America ranks first, it consumes 20 million barrels daily.

China ranks the second with 13 million and 500 thousand barrels per day,

India ranks third with a consumption of 5 million barrels per day, "

Bhutan ranks the last on the global list with a quantity of 2000 barrels per day.

Oil consumption depends on the country's economic strength and industrial development, as well as its population.


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