Erbil welcomes +10,000 a few days ahead of new year's eve: local authorities


Shafaq News/ More than 10,000 tourists have entered the capital city of the Kurdistan region, Erbil, ahead of new year's eve, local authorities said on Friday.

In a statement to Shafaq News Agency, Erbil's Governor Omed Khoshnaw said, "preparations are underway for the new year celebrations. A set of security measures have been put into force in conjunction with those preparations."

According to the Asaish directorate in the city, more than 10,000 tourists have entered Erbil via the Sherawa and Khazar checkpoints that connect it with Kirkuk and Mosul, respectively.

The Kurdistan region receives tens of thousands of tourists from Iraq's central and southern governorates during the new year holidays. It harbors a plethora of tourist sites and recreational centers. Erbil is considered among the oldest cities in the world and is currently believed to be a hub for a variety of economic, commercial, and touristic activities.

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