Dhi Qar oil contracts with Baker Hughes to raise associated gas production


Shafaq News / Dhi Qar Oil Company announced a contract with Baker Hughes Company to raise the production of associated gas.

The Director of the Gas Investment Division in the company, Engineer Anwar Hadi Shiaa, stated, according to a statement to inform the company that it “intends to raise production rates of associated gas in the fields of Nasiriyah and Al-Gharraf from 20 million standard cubic feet (mscf) currently to 200 million cubic feet.” Standardized through the contract signed with the American company Baker Hughes.

He explained, "the company is seeking to raise the level of production from 20 million standard cubic feet currently to 200 million standard cubic feet in the coming period," noting that "a contract has been made with the American company, Baker Hughes, in cooperation with the South Gas Company, which leads to an 80% increase in production. Approximately, a condition of high crude oil production rates in the two aforementioned fields.

Shaya affirmed, "the cadres of the operating company were able to overcome many difficulties and obstacles and are still supplying the national production with extracted gas, some of which is prepared for power plants operating on this type of fuel," noting that "the process of investing associated gas is currently being carried out through the (GTU) station, which is The associated gas treatment plant, through which samples are taken and analyzed by laboratories specialized for this purpose called the drying process using the glycol tower (GTG) to rid the produced gas from impurities and oil compounds, to turn into the stage of compressors according to the required specifications, and it is transported through the national pipeline that equips power plants."

It is noteworthy that the Dhi Qar Oil Company began investment operations in associated gas in April of 2019, and seeks to develop this strategic industry.


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