WSJ: Netanyahu lobbies for Uranium/Normalization deal with Saudi Arabia

WSJ: Netanyahu lobbies for Uranium/Normalization deal with Saudi Arabia

Shafaq News/ The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “instructed Israeli officials to cooperate” with the US toward allowing Saudi Arabia to enrich uranium.

According to the WSJ report, a central part of the deal was also being seriously considered by Netanyahu, despite Israeli opposition leaders being against concessions that included uranium enrichment in Saudi Arabia.

The report cited US and Israeli officials that Tel Aviv was were working secretly with Washington on the issue.

US officials told WSJ that establishing an American uranium enrichment facility on Saudi territory was being considered, as well as other ideas.

“We saw eye to eye regarding the nuclear issue from the beginning – what we can’t do, and what we probably can,” an Israeli official also told WSJ, after a meeting between Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden yesterday, adding that the Zionist entity would request many “security measures” regarding any Saudi enrichment program.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) had spoken to American media on Tuesday, indicating to Fox News that the normalization deal with the Zionist entity is serious, stating “we’re going to work with whoever is there [in the Israeli government].”

MBS also hailed the potential agreement as “the biggest historical deal since the end of the Cold War,” but stated the negotiations with the occupation regime depend on the Palestinian issue.

“If we have a breakthrough of reaching a deal that give the Palestinians their needs and make the region calm, we’re going to work with whoever is there,” MBS stated, referring to working with the Israeli government, particularly Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition.

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