US forces hit IRGC and Hezbollah Brigades sites, killing two civilians

US forces hit IRGC and Hezbollah Brigades sites, killing two civilians

Shafaq News/ On Saturday, the US forces launched dozens of airstrikes against po-Iranian groups in Iraq, killing and injuring seven. Other strikes hit Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force sites in Syria.

The incident is the first retaliation for a drone attack that killed three soldiers and injured about 40 others at a remote US base in Jordan.

In two separate statements, US Army Central Command (CENTCOM) reported that its forces "struck more than 85 targets, with numerous aircraft to include long-range bombers flown from United States. The airstrikes employed more than 125 precision munitions."

CENTCOM explained that the facilities that were struck included command and control operations centers, intelligence centers, rockets and missiles, unmanned aerial vehicle storages, and logistics and munition supply chain facilities of "militia groups and their IRGC sponsors who facilitated attacks against US and Coalition forces."

The US Central Command considered that the IRGC-Quds Force and affiliated groups "continue to represent a direct threat to the stability of Iraq, the region, and the safety of Americans."

Gen. Michael Erik Kurilla, US CENTCOM Commander, stressed, "We will continue to take action, do whatever is necessary to protect our people, and hold those responsible who threaten their safety."

Concerning the US attacks in Iraq, military sources told Shafaq News Agency that the strikes targeted sites of Kataeb Hezbollah ( Hezbollah Brigades) in the Al-Sikak area within the Al-Qaim District of Al-Anbar Governorate, western Iraq, close to the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Notably, Kataib declared last Tuesday a halt to its operations against the US forces to "avoid causing embarrassment to the Iraqi government."

The sources explained that the attacks destroyed four military sites of the Brigades, killed two civilians, and injured five others.

The two civilians were identified as Muhammad Shehadha Daki Al-Rawi and Sattar Al-Jughaifi.

"the situation in the area is like a war." One source said.

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