Turkish police break up LGBT pride parade in Istanbul, detain dozens


Shafaq News / Police in Turkey broke up an LGBT pride parade on Sunday, detaining dozens of attendees.

Police officers also reportedly attempted to stop journalists from recording or taking pictures of the event, which took place in Istanbul. One photographer for the Agence France Presse was detained, according to the outlet.

Nevertheless, photos from the event show police struggling with rally-goers. It is unclear how many people attended the MARCH

Istanbul authorities issued a 7-day ban on public demonstrations ahead of the pride parade.

"We have obtained information that between 21 June 2022 (Tuesday) and 23 June 2022 (Thursday) gatherings, press releases, marches, distribution of leaflets, etc are planned to be held within the scope of the 30th ‘Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week,’" city governors said in a statement. "All events are banned in all open and closed areas for seven days."

(FOX News)

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