Significant differences over fossil fuel during COP28 negotiations

Significant differences over fossil fuel during COP28 negotiations

Shafaq News / The president of the COP28 climate summit on Sunday urged negotiators to work harder to find consensus as the conference entered the final stage of talks focused on a proposed first-of-its-kind deal to phase out the world's use of oil, gas and coal.

The talks in Dubai have highlighted deep international divisions over the future role of fossil fuels that are complicating efforts by nearly 200 countries to hash out an agreement before the summit's scheduled end on Dec. 12.

"Now, the time has come for all parties to constructively engage," COP28 President Sultan al-Jaber told the conference. "Failure is not an option."

Al Jaber said he was asking all countries to suggest wording for a consensus on fossil fuels.

A coalition of more than 80 countries including the United States, the European Union and small island nations are pushing for an agreement at COP28 that includes language to “phase out” fossil fuels, the main source of greenhouse gas emissions that scientists blame for global warming.

They are coming up against tough opposition led by the oil producer group OPEC and its allies.

OPEC issued a letter to its members and backers on Dec. 6 asking them to oppose any language targeting fossil fuels in a COP28 deal, and observers in the negotiations told Reuters some of those delegations appeared to be heeding the call.

"I think there are still quite entrenched positions," said Adam Guibourgé-Czetwertyński, Poland's Deputy Minister for Climate, who is heading the country’s COP28 delegation.


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